description Call: Life in the Climate Crisis: Re-Examine your Relationship with Money

Sunday, Sep 16 2018 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Note: Call is at 5 pm Eastern Time

In recent decades in America, achieving financial security has become almost synonymous with physical safety. The way to protect your future and your family is to build wealth. With the climate crisis upon us, the “certainty” of long term investing is called into question. We will discuss how long-term financial plans have changed as we have deepened our awareness of climate change, and discuss how deploying funds for transformative change now may be the sanest investment out there.

Life in the Climate Crisis is a call for personal reflection, sharing, and fellowship. We discuss the emotional, personal, subjective side fo the climate crisis. Life in the Climate Crisis is part of The Climate Mobilization's Mobilizer Backer-- ie monthly giving program. You can join here. Interested people are invited to join two Mobilizer Backer calls to get a feeling for the programming before they commit.

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