Find your team (Candidates, Action Groups and Causes)

Group / Campaign Name
Network NoVA
Stafford Huddle
Fredericksburg Area Pantsuiters
Indivisible Arlington VA
Together We Will Northern Virginia
Berniecrats of California
Open Progress
Campaign: Mark Herring for AG
Code Blue
Code Blue: NY State
Campaign: David Reid for Delegate (VA HoD 32)
Campaign: Delco Victory 2017 (PA)
Campaign: Lynn for Virginia (VA HoD 25)
Campaign: Rebecca Colaw for House of Delegates District 64 (VA)
Campaign: Karen for Senate (WA LD-7)
Salem National Impact
Braddock Democrats
Strong Women Action Network (SWAN)
Campaign: Dart for Delegate (VA HoD 56)
Indivisible Harlem
Campaign: Ayala for Delegate
Campaign: Johnson for Wichita
Massachusetts Indivisible Resistance
Mason District Democratic Committee
Campaign: Cheryl Turpin for Virginia Beach
Campaign: Dobrowansky & Young for Assembly
Northampton County Democratic Committee
Campaign: Kelly DeLucia--VA HoD 96th
Peninsula Indivisible
Campaign: Larry Barnett for Delegate (VA HoD 27)
Campaign: Jennifer Carroll Foy for Delegate (VA HoD 2)
VoterCircle, Inc.
Campaign: Joshua Cole For Delegate
Postcards for Virginia
Campaign: Virginia Coordinated Campaign
Washington State Democrats
Campaign: Friends of Kimberly Anne Tucker
Campaign: Sheila For Delegate
Campaign: Lee Carter for Delegate
Campaign: Brent Finnegan for Delegate (VA26)
Campaign: Friends of Tia Walbridge
The Climate Mobilization (TCM)
VA Democracy Forward (VADF)
Campaign: Jaha Howard for Georgia
Campaign: Elizabeth Guzman for Delegate
Campaign: Kellen Squire for Delegate
Campaign: Wendy Gooditis for Delegate
Harrisonburg Indivisible
Campaign: Kelly Fowler for Delegate
Campaign: Murphy for Delegate
Campaign: Merrill for Mayor 2017
Campaign: Melissa & Rob for Westport
Campaign: Edwards for Delegate
Campaign: Friends of Mike Khader
Campaign: Djuna Osborne for Delegate
Campaign: Jennifer Boysko for Delegate
Campaign: Debra Rodman for Virginia Delegate 73rd District
Campaign: Flourette Ketner for Delegate
Campaign: Bill Bunch for Delegate
Campaign: Crowley for VA 98
Campaign: Steve McBride
Campaign: John Bell for Delegate
Campaign: Andy Kim for Congress
Campaign: Cori Johnson
Alexandria Democratic Committee
Campaign: Johnston for Delegate
Campaign: DavidforDelegate
Campaign: #VA42 Kathy Tran for Delegate
Campaign: Cook for Delegate
Campaign: Coleman for Delegate
Campaign: Friends of LA Bowling for VA Delegate
Campaign: VanValkenburg for Delegate
Campaign: James Thompson for KS-4
Campaign: Carver for Virginia
Campaign: Willie Randall for Delegate
Campaign: Michele Edwards for Delegate
Campaign: Hixon for Delegate
Campaign: Michael Wade for Delegate
Campaign: Simonds for Delegate
Campaign: Stevens4Delegate
Unleash your Activist
Campaign: Bhimani, Corcoran, and Moran for LD-25
Campaign: Friends of Heather Overman
Campaign: Adams for Delegate
Campaign: Kate Matteson & Gina Trish For Assembly
Campaign: Emma Mammano for NJ Senate
Campaign: Thomas Prigg
Campaign: Chen, Boddy, and Shaw for LD23
Campaign: Aycock for Delegate
Campaign: Braxton Winston campaign
Campaign: Durante For Virginia
Why Va Matters 2017
Campaign: Morgan Goodman for Delegate
Campaign: Chris Hurst for Delegate
Forward March NY
Campaign: Michelle Rylands, WA State Senate, 31st LD
Lift+Every+Vote: A Political Collaborative
Campaign: Sponsler For Delegate
Indivisible Charlottesville
NY Civic Engagement Table
We Volunteer Nepal
Democracy Action
The Climate Mobilization (TCM) - Philadelphia
The Democratic Coalition
Campaign: Elect Dana J. Knight
Florida Earth Charter Initiative
Turn PA Blue
Mobilizer Backers
Campaign: Erik D Corbett
TCM Tampa
TCM Tampa
TCM Hoboken
Our Revolution Essex County NJ
Activist Afternoons